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The products listed here are not associated with The Marvelous Musical Deli in any way. I do not receive any kind of monetary gain for promoting these items. I list them because I feel they're excellent teaching tools. Links will be added as new resources are found.

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  • Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! by Lynn Kleiner.
    • Great resource for Kindergarten students. Helps build the foundations of understanding form. Emphasizes same/different and creative play through movement. Favorite lessons include: The Syncopated Clock (Anderson), Sleigh Ride (Anderson), "Trepak" from The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky), "Viennese Musical Clock" from Hary Janos Suite (Kodaly), and "Kangaroos" from Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens).
  • Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My! by Artie Almeida.
    • I have been to several of Artie's workshops and she is amazing! Her stuff is pretty much fool-proof and works with multiple grade levels. My students get excited when we bring certain activities back from previous years. My favorites from this book include: "Finale" to the Overture from William Tell (Rossini), The Wild Horseman (Schumann), and "March" and "Trepak" from The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky).
  • Listening Fun with Scarves and Tennis Balls and More Listening Fun by Dan Fee.
    • Haven't used these in my classroom yet, but got to see an excellent workshop with him this year and I am excited to explore their possibilities.
  • Teaching Movement & Dance by Phyllis Weikart.
    • Can't talk this book up enough - a true treasure! Includes tons of traditional folk dances that demonstrate various forms.
  • Chimes of Dunkirk from the New England Dancing Masters.
    • Another folk dance resource. Anything by Peter and Mary Alice Amidon is excellent, but this first book in their series is my favorite.



  • Move It and Move It 2 by Peggy Lyman and John Feierabend.
    • These DVD's are wonderful resources. I've used them both to prepare me to teach my students a lesson and have my students watch directly to learn on their own. I have only had to opportunity to use just a few activities from these DVD's, but intend to utilize them more in the future.